Rohan Pujari

Lead Technical Architect

Rohan Pujari is a seasoned Lead Technical Architect with over a decade of experience in the tech industry. Specialising in Ruby on Rails framework and React, he excels as a Fullstack developer, adeptly handling both frontend and backend aspects of projects.

At The Talent Enterprise he is responsible for providing technical leadership for our flagship talent assessment platform “Lighthouse” and aligning the team on technical goals and implementation.

Rohan’s journey in the tech space began over ten years ago, and he has worked on various products across different domains like Real Estate, Healthcare, E-commerce and Finance. His proficiency in Ruby on Rails, coupled with his mastery of React and Redux, allows him to create seamless and dynamic user experiences. He has also worked with various other technologies like Elixir, Phoenix framework, NodeJs and Emberjs. He likes to keep himself updated on new technology trends and follows them closely by listening to podcasts and reading technical blogs.

Beyond his technical prowess, Rohan has a passion for the game of chess. In his free time you could find him playing chess online.