Virtual Centre

Creating an immersive experience

Bring your employee and candidate assessment centres to the next level through our virtual solutions.

The future of assessments is now.

Our proprietary assessment and development centres, known as Learning Centres, allow your candidates, employees and leaders to challenge and further explore their skills and capabilities on aspects such as strategy, people, change and innovation.

Delivered seamlessly in a virtual and live virtual format, our Learning Centres provide an opportunity for rapid deployment, across all levels and roles, at scale, anytime and anywhere in the world.

Leveraging the latest AI enabled video interviewing and virtual tools such as team simulations, case studies and business scenarios, our virtual assessment solutions provide our clients with an in-depth and detailed evaluation of key behavioural and leadership competencies as well as overall talent bench-strength.



Deployed seamlessly in virtual and live virtual formats, providing rapid scale for your candidates, employees and leaders anywhere in the world.


All assessments, including psychometrics, video interviewing and all virtual tools and simulations are accessible to participants on a single, unified dashboard, providing an exceptional user experience.


Rated consistently by over 95% of participants as ‘exceptional’, our Learning Centres significantly surpasses the traditional assessment centre experience, with a majority of participants regarding this as their ‘best experience so far’.

Efficient and Paperless

Manage talent risk by evaluating the readiness of your managers and leaders to be part of your leadership pipeline.


Adheres to best-in-class industry standards and guidelines on data privacy and data security, with GDPR compliance. Our virtual Learning Centres also provide for remote proctoring options to be enabled as required.


Provides candidates, employees and leaders with challenging yet real life scenarios which simulate contemporary and futuristic ‘day-in-the-life’ situations.

Personalised and Insightful

The experience is highly personalised to each participant depending on their level of seniority, and the feedback and reporting provides a meaningful opportunity for participants to reflect and commit to an actionable and individualised development plan.

Strengthens Employer Brand

Conduct bespoke surveys and pulse checks on employee engagement, organisational culture, happiness and well-being to prioritise key actions. 

How It Works.

Users can experience their entire assessment journey online, from writing up case study responses to simulating business scenarios using all the latest online tools.

The Virtual Centre

Users can experience their entire assessment journey online, from writing up case study responses to simulating business scenarios using all the latest online tools.

Video Interviews

Our real time interviewer, Talenta, can conduct interviews based on your requirements either for recruitment or employee development assessments.

Phase 1

Preparation and Briefing Phase

Live virtual briefing to participants on VLC objectives and process, including ensuring access to Lighthouse, video conferencing facilities etc.

Phase 2

Online Psychometric assessments

Online psychometric assessments: participants complete the relevant battery of psychometric assessments and tests allocated

Online Virtual Centre Activities

Participants complete virtual learning centre activities such as team simulations, case studies, business scenarios and video interviewing

Phase 3

Live Virtual Sessions

Participants communicate with our assessors for additional facilitated interactions such as role plays, group discussions and competency based interviewing via a video conferencing platform

Phase 4

Feedback and Development Planning

Assessors finalise all reports and prepare for one-on-one virtual feedback sessions. Participants focus on finalising personalised development plans.

Phase 5

Organisational Insights

In-depth analysis and insights on outcomes from the virtual Learning Centres, including detailed talent mapping, benchstrength analysis, success profiling, high potential identification, succession readiness, talent mobility outcomes and recommendations on learning and development priorities.

An incredible participant experience.

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