Multi-Rater Assessments

Predict optimal performance through powerful, cutting edge assessments.


Multi-rated assessments and feedback encourages open communication and transparency in the organisation, which in turn boosts employee engagement. We offer 180 and 360 degree assessments that are entirely customisable to your organisational needs.

360 Perspective index

Our powerful and visually engaging, multi-rater evaluation allows organisations to custom-build 360 degree surveys based on their specific requirements.

360 Perspective Index


Standard/ Customisable Questionnaire

  • Standard off-the-shelf 360 or fully customised approach depending on your needs
  • Develop a customised questionnaire based on your organisation’s behavioural competencies

Reports and Analytics

  • Individual reports with overall competency scores
  • Powerful analytics and aggregated results
  • Identifying trends, risk, strengths, and development needs

Flexible and Engaging Platform

  • Extremely engaging and visual survey platform, entire assessment takes 12-15 minutes to complete
  • Flexible administration of the platform with various levels of access available to manage feedback and confidentiality

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