Preparing Your Organisation for Rapid Innovation and Digital Transformation

While most organisations are focussed on driving innovation and digital transformation, many are still missing the mark.

Only 29.6% of employees believe that their organisation’s management fully support experimentation

Only 32.7% of organisations have incentives for employees who bring forward ideas

Unfortunately, close to 1/3rd of employees receive no support from management when innovation fails

Launching our Innovation Mindset and Digital Readiness solution to understand your current level of readiness and future priorities to accelerate your innovation journey.
The Innovation Mindset and Digital Readiness Accelerator is a unique solution to enhance organisation’s innovation culture and support digital readiness.

Through our Innovation and Digital Readiness Survey (IDRS) and Innovation Mindset Index (IMI) Assessment, we will help identify the your organisation’s innovation styles to drive more targeted outcomes, along with a mapping of digital readiness. We will provide detailed insights and analytics that highlight organisational innovation and digital readiness drivers, challenges and roadblocks to help you build lasting innovation capability.

Benefits for Your Organisation.

Clearly Articulate the Objectives and Outcomes from Any Talent Identification Process

Diagnosis of your innovation strategy and digital readiness in the short and long term

Understanding your employee’s innovation and digital readiness mindset

Analytics and insights to identify drivers and derailers for innovation and digitisation

Recomendations and action plan to implement innovation more effectively

Innovation Mindset and Digital Readiness Survey.

The Innovation and Digital Readiness Survey (IDRS) explores 9 distinct areas or drivers, and is administered to all target employees.

The survey outcomes and insights provide an in-depth analysis of the organisational barriers and enablers of innovation and digital transformation, along with detailed benchmarks, departmental and demographic splits and a future focussed action plan to achieve your innovation and digital transformation goals.

Innovation Mindset Index.

The Innovation Mindset Index (IMI) is a psychometric assessment tool, based on The Thriving Index®, which is also administered along with the Innovation and Digital Readiness Survey (IDRS) to all target employees. The Index provides individual feedback to each employee with regards to their own mindset and orientation towards innovation, and the data is also consolidated at the organisational level, to understand the collective mindset of employees.

IMI is the first and only psychometric tool focussed on assessing individual strengths related to innovation based on the research in positive psychology, measuring factors such as resilience, grit, courage, ambiguity, agility etc.


Disruptors are dynamic, solution-oriented individuals who seek the exploitation of opportunities and and push past limits with creative, out-of-the-box ideas that might not always occur to others


Strategisers assess and question the feasibility of different ideas by grounding it in reality, clarifying the data and questioning the ideas.


Activators work effectively with others to generate and build on ideas and consider different possibilities to develop practical solutions.


Implementers develop a great idea into a viable solution, by developing different structures, plans, development budgets and systems that will allow ideas to thrive in production.


Influencers work closely with customers and distributors to provide outstanding service, promote awareness and market the solution.

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