Choosing The
Right Path

Young people represent the promise of changing societies for the better, yet they are making misguided choices related to their future. Globally, we continue to face a unique paradox, with rising youth unemployment and underemployment, yet, employers reporting a lack of young job seekers with the right skills and mindset.

Now more than ever, it is imperative to empower the youth to make better and more informed decisions based on the science of strengths and positive education.

Less than 50%

Would study the same subjects again given a choice

2/5 graduates

End up in jobs unrelated to their areas of study

The World's First Strengths-based Career Guidance Tool.

The Career Thriving Index® identifies an individual’s innate strengths and recommends careers where they can thrive. Based on a ‘world of employment’ map comprising of over +1000 Roles across 24 Career Clusters and 95 Career Sub-Tracks, It provides feedback on critical strengths that are required to thrive in their top 5 sectors, providing a clear roadmap for career planning and future development.

Based on the science of strengths and positive education, The Thriving Index® Career is a leading-edge strengths-based career assessment, delivered through our proprietary technology platform, Lighthouse.


Who Is It For?

High School and
University Students
Career Guidance
Individuals Looking For Career Change

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