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Skills for Life:

Skills for Life:

StrengthsCompass® aims to empower a more resilient, hopeful and confident ‘generation next’ by building critical ‘skills for life’.

Its designed for youth in secondary, high school and university education as well as job-seekers and early-career professionals.

With clear impact evaluation, it translates the latest thinking in positive psychology and positive education to create immersive, experiential programs for youth.

The program can be delivered stand-alone or integrated into curriculum.

StrengthsCompass® creates an eco-system for change, working with teachers, parents, educators and the larger community.

Our Youth Programs.

Our youth portfolio has one aim in mind. To create and deliver programs which link to tangible outcomes, such as happiness and wellbeing, employability, career readiness and better access to work opportunities. Along with a network of partners, our programs aim to impact the lives of thousands of youth across the world.

Strengths Compass

An award-winning, comprehensive positive education programs to foster critical ‘skills for life’.

Career Assessment

A career assessment which explores the world of employment to help individuals thrive.

Project 458

An ambitious project that aims to connect youth and returning mothers to work opportunities and create an eco-system of change.

Impact Evaluation

Custom projects to design and deliver large scale program evaluation and impact measures to assess longer term behavioral change.

Custom Programs

Custom behavioral change programs for youth, to lead to better employability and work outcomes.

Youth Wellbeing:
Element X.

We have been working in the area of wellbeing and happiness for over a decade, based on our academic and research background in positive psychology and positive education.

We have developed a framework for assessing and developing wellbeing for youth, which includes 8 Domains and 32 Sub-Domains, including Physical, Environmental, Emotional, Social, Mental, Balance, Achievement and Growth.

Our work in this area includes using our proprietary Element X survey to measure wellbeing for school and university students, as well as educators. Based on the survey results and gaps identified, our team then works on custom programs to support the awareness and development of wellbeing – including creating learning modules and curriculum, workshops and guidebooks for students at all age groups.

Our Wellbeing Survey, Element X, provides an extremely immersive and engaging experience to students.

It uses a unique visual survey flow where students are transported into various elements of their school and personal life, to provide a comprehensive and complete view of their levels of wellbeing.

Career Assessment:
Career Thriving Index®.

The Career Thriving Index® identifies the innate strengths of youth and recommends careers where they can thrive.

Based on a ‘future world of employment map’ comprising of over 1000+ Roles across 24 Occupational Clusters and 95 Sub-Clusters, our powerful algorithms helps students explore their most suitable career paths and academic choices.

It provides feedback on critical strengths that are required to thrive in their top 5 sectors, providing a clear roadmap for career planning and future development.

The tool can be used by high school and / or university students, graduates, job-seekers, interns and those looking for a career change.

The Thriving Index® Career Assessment is the first and only strengths based career tool in the world, based on the latest research on the future of work.

Why This Matters?.

Young people represent the promise of changing societies for the better…

Worldwide, young people are three times more likely than their parents to be out of work. In Greece, Spain, and South Africa, more than half of young people are unemployed, and jobless levels of 25% or more are common in Europe, the Middle East, and Northern Africa. In the OECD countries, more than 1 in 8 of all 15- to 24-year-olds are not in employment, education, or training (NEET).

Paradoxically, there is a critical skills shortage at the same time. In most countries, a majority of employers are unable to find the right skillset and more importantly mindset, at the entry levels.

  • Fewer than half of youth would study the same subjects again if given a choice*;
  • 45% of youth believe they’re adequately prepared for the world of work*;
  • Only half of youth believe that their post-secondary studies improved their employment opportunities*;
  • More than 40% of youth end up in jobs unrelated to their areas of study*;
  • Globally, 50% of students are making career choices based on the options of their family or friends, and this number goes upto 65% in more collectivistic cultures in MENA, South and South East Asia*;
  • Youth lack critical life and employability skills for the future of work including grit, resilience, confidence, hope, growth mindset, curiosity and empathy.
…yet youth are making misguided choices related to their future.

Project 458™.

Project 458™ seeks to radically impact the career choices by youth and women to actively participate in our labor markets.

Project 458™ directly links to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) as outlined by UNDP.

Project 458™ brings together a consortium of employers, educators and policy-makers targeting actions which directly impact youth and their key gate-keepers such as career guidance professionals and parents.

By 2025, Project 458™ aims to:

  • Provide career guidance assessments to 250,000 youth, job seekers and returning mothers.
  • Reach over 25,000 youth through our skills for life programs.
  • Professionalise the provision of career guidance by creating and delivering the first and only certified, regional, positive career counselling program targeting 5,000 school and university counsellors.
  • Demonstrate impact in terms of tangible work opportunities to more than 85% of project participants.
  • Focus on increasing the overall wellbeing and happiness of all beneficiary groups.

Some Of Our Recent
Youth Projects.

Survey Ahlaha Youth Community Service and Wellbeing Program


Students in Grades 8 to 12


All public schools in Saudi Arabia

Supported By

Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Education – KSA

Brief Description

Nation-wide program to introduce community service, social awareness and wellbeing to school students, across 8 global causes, in school and out of school activities.

Ahlaha Impact Evaluation Framework

Students in Grades 8 to 12

All public schools in Saudi Arabia

Supported By

Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Education – KSA

Brief Description

A robust monitoring and evaluation framework to understand the impact of the program on students, teachers and educational districts.

Strengths-Compass Life Skills Program


Students in Grade 10, 11 and 12


All public schools in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

Supported By

Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi Foundation

Brief Description

Enrichment program focused on building critical life skills for youth in RAK based on positive education concepts. Support self awareness, career readiness and employability.

YANMU National Growth Mindset Program


Students in Grade 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12


600 students in 10 public schools (pilot program).

Supported By

Al Waleed Philanthropies, Ministry of Education and Injaz Saudi Arabia

Brief Description

Nation-wide program to impact mindsets, values, and work readiness by building critical life skills.

Impact Of Some Of Our Previous
Youth Programs.


Higher persistence with job search for youth with higher strengths on resilience, efficacy, grit etc.


Increase in their self-confidence and motivation for pursuing a career of their choice


More engagement for those who pursue academic interests and careers related to their strengths


Increase in happiness and wellbeing ftor youth


Of employers felt a significant change in employability skills and work readiness of students after under-going strengths programs


Higher engagement and retention in graduate hiring for career sub-streams when using the Career Thriving Index to decide on placements


Of parents believed that the program had had a significantly positive and visible impact on their children


Higher impact for students who went through the strengths assessment and program to their employability, work readiness and wellbeing

Program Impact.

Watch a Video about Our StrengthsCompass® Program

Download our Yanmu (Growth Mindset) Program Impact Report Here

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