Agile. The new era in
cognitive skills assessments

Our high impact gamified solution delivers an engaging, eye-catching experience while also remaining aligned to your assessment objectives.

5 Tests. 16 Minutes. The Latest Design
Technology. Backed Up By Science.

The AGILE battery of gamified assessments blends state-of-the-art technology, the latest research in game design and our robust cognitive assessment methodology to gain powerful insight on your employees and candidates’ cognitive abilities.

A new way of assessing cognition

AGILE taps into the key cognition skills such as numerical, critical reasoning and error detection through five (5) reliable, externally-validated gamified tests.

Superior engagement

An intuitive user experience that is proven to be a lot more engaging and less stressful than traditional online cognitive assessments.

Progressive difficulty

These tests cater to varying levels of role requirements, with questions of progressive levels of difficulty as candidates advance in the test.

Deeper behavioural insight

AGILE’s immersive nature allows you to capture natural behaviour such as endurance, tenacity, learning agility and behavior under stress to more accurately predict job performance.

Powerful reporting

Gain instant access to easy-to-interpret reporting that details the individual’s behavioral and cognitive performance data.

Available in many languages

All tests are available in English, Arabic, French and several other languages.

Agile Tests.

Numerify, Reasonify, Detectify, Interpretify are timed, gamified assessments that are designed to measure an employee or candidate’s aptitude when it comes to numeracy, critical reasoning and error detection.

(Numerical skills)

This gamified assessment includes two games that test one’s numerical reasoning strengths by measuring their ability to solve simple mathematical problems quickly and accurately.

Total time: 6 minutes

2 sections: Comparator and Equator

(Critical reasoning)

Reasonify assesses an individual’s critical and inductive reasoning through two engaging games.

Total time: 6 minutes

2 sections: Seating and Abstract

(Error detection)

This gamified assessment measures a candidate’s attention to detail as well as their ability to quickly identify errors. 

Total time: 4 minutes

1 section: Error Detection

Candidate analyses various financial information and data sources (bar graphs, pie charts, tables or statements).

(Business Reasoning)

This gamified assessment measures business reasoning ability and data analysis skills.

Duration : 16 minutes

(English Language Reasoning)

Verbify is a comprehensive yet quick online test to help employers check English language proficiency including basic understanding and comprehension of the language for individuals.

Total time: 12 minutes

3 sections: Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Language Use

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