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Most popular engagement models measure organisational commitment, discretionary effort or satisfaction with organisational resources, commonly known as engagement ‘drivers’. The onus for ‘engaging employees’ lies completely with the organisation.

This is based on the assumption the responsibility of motivating employees rests wholly with leaders, managers and HR teams. This limited, one-sided view on engagement leads to a passive, top down approach to engagement.

Ground-breaking research by The Talent Enterprise establishes that approx. 35 to 40% of variance in engagement is impacted by the personal motivation, mindset and strengths of individuals themselves, which are independent of the organisational engagement ‘drivers’.

Hence, futuristic engagement measures need to focus both on the employee (i.e. individual) and employer (i.e. organisational) side of engagement.

Key Organisational Drivers Of
Employee Engagement.

Employee engagement is a complex construct, and a number of organisational factors and individual attributes can impact engagement. From an organisational ‘driver’ perspective, our research clearly shows that aspects such as leadership and managerial support, career growth, pride & meaning are the key factors impacting engagement.

Overall Project Approach.

Leadership Listening

Conduct one to one meetings (structured interviews) with senior leaders in the organisation

Employee Listening

Conduct immersive focus group sessions with a cross-section of employees to explore key priorities, opportunities and challenges related to engagement and culture

Employee Survey

Design and launch a the engagement survey on the Lighthouse platform

Provide end to end communication support and monitor completion to drive maximum participation

Results and Actions

Analyse insights and results from the survey at an overall level, by key demographics as well as by departments / functions

Facilitate a series of workshops with the HR team and key stakeholders to explore survey insights and recommendations and focus on actions

Measuring Impact

Agree a detailed action plan with clear success criteria and on-going monitoring to measure impact

Conduct quarterly pulse surveys to assess progress and get on-going feedback

Conduct full surveys on an annual basis

Lighthouse By
The Talent Enterprise.

Survey Design

Over 50+ question types available on the online platform, promoting an engaging visual user experience, in addition to the typical likert scale questions.

Customisable Configurations Based on Employee Groups

Over 50+ question types available on the online platform, promoting an engaging visual user experience, in addition to the typical likert scale questions.

Survey Available on Multiple Devices

Respondents can choose to use their preferred devices, laptops, tablets or mobile phones to complete the survey.

Client Branding

The look & feel of the platform can be completed branded as per client requirements, ensuring a fully immersive user experience.

Multiple Online Access Points .

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