The Science of

Based on a decade of research, The Talent Enterprise has been pioneering how to assess and shape vital aspects which drive and influence human behaviour at the workplace.
While our work is firmly rooted in the latest thinking in positive psychology and positive social sciences, as well as traditional psychology and organisational behaviour, we have also accelerated the application of neuroscience, artificial intelligence and machine learning to our solutions.
Measuring human behaviour, objectively and accurately, is an extremely complex task. It requires a varied and multi-dimensional approach to ensure that we have a holistic view of the individual(s) concerned, for us to make informed, and defensible people decisions.

Simply stated, The Talent Enterprise’s proprietary approach towards the science of Behaviourmetry® is characterised by the measurement of behaviour using a variety of proprietary ‘behavioural markers’ developed by our team of organisational psychologists, data scientists and technology experts. Together, these measures are known as Behaviourmetrics® and include aspects such as contemporary psychometrics, gamified assessments, multi-rater surveys, expert ratings as well as artificial intelligence derived indicators, together, providing one of the most in-depth, comprehensive and holistic analysis of an individual’s behaviour.

The Talent Enterprise offers our Behaviourmetry® tools and techniques, to assess and provide a multi-dimensional view of an individual’s ‘markers’, such as personality, strengths, motivation, cognition, emotion, expressed behaviours, emergent leadership attributes, authenticity as well as congruence between verbal and non-verbal communication.

Through these educational and organisational tools, individuals, teams and leaders are be able to apply the science of Behaviourmetry® to make critical people decisions for career guidance, recruitment, talent management, leadership development and succession planning priorities.

Our Behaviourmetrics® solutions include: