Innovation Mindset Index™

In today’s ever-evolving technological landscape, organisations worldwide understand the critical importance of innovation to secure future performance. And people are at the heart of the matter.


Company lifespans have never been shorter than they are today. Research shows that at the current churn rate, 50% of S&P 500 companies will be replaced over the next 10 years. Organisations worldwide recognise that business innovation is not only a core driver for creating and capturing new business value, but it’s also the key to long-term business survival and success.

What the numbers tell us

Source: Leadership and Innovation Mindset Initiative by The Talent Enterprise, Sia Partners and GIMI, 2019.

Innovation Mindset Index™

Of leaders think innovation is critical to their industry

Innovation Mindset Index™

Of leaders think their industry will change drastically in the next 5 years

Innovation Mindset Index™

Leaders think their organisation is risk averse when it comes to innovation

Innovation Mindset Index™

Leaders think their organisation has an innovative culture

The Five Innovation Mindsets

Whilst we all have the capacity to be innovative, everyone approaches innovation and change in different ways. The Innovation Mindset Index TM is a strength-based psychometric assessment that is mapped to five different Innovation Mindsets to help understand each person’s style of innovation.

Innovation Mindset Index™


The creative, out-of-the-box thinker who comes up with great ideas.

Innovation Mindset Index™


The person who builds on ideas and develops practical solutions.

Innovation Mindset Index™


The collaborator who works effectively with others to make an idea come to life.

Innovation Mindset Index™


The person who executes a great idea and makes it a reality.

Innovation Mindset Index™


Works closely with key stakeholders to build awareness and promote the solution.​


Innovation Mindset Index™
  • First and only innovation assessment based on the science of positive psychology and strengths.
  • Identify your dominant innovation Mindsets.
  • Support self-awareness.
  • Benchmark your innovation Mindsets with your team and organization.
  • Identifies strengths and blind spots associated with each innovation Mindset.
  • Seamless end user experience, 20 minutes to complete with automated reporting.
  • Survey available in multiple languages.


Innovation Mindset Index™


Results can be used as input for customised L&D programmes to help the individual develop specific strengths and further build their innovative profile.

Innovation Mindset Index™


Activators work effectively with others to generate and build on ideas and consider different possibilities to develop practical solutions.

Innovation Mindset Index™


The assessment accessible online and can be completed quickly and easily.

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