Enabling Wellbeing

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Wellbeing: The New Frontier For Organisations.

Employee wellbeing matters now, more than ever before. Consider some facts:

  • 54% of leaders globally noted their stress levels have increased significantly and 40% reported that their workload has Increased significantly (The Talent Enterprise and Harvard Business Publishing, 2020);
  • Only 30% of employees say they feel comfortable talking to their manager about their mental health (McKinsey, 2020);
  • 67% ofemployees who shifted from the office to home during the pandemic felt less connected to their colleagues; and 56% ofthose who started working from home said they found it harder to switch off (Royal Society for Public Health, UK 2020);
  • 69% of employees expect more mental health support from their employer (Cigna, 2020); while 70% of organisations do not have a designated strategy and budget for health and wellness (Aon, 2020).
According to the World Economic Forum (2021), organisations should treat wellbeing as a tangible skill, a critical business input and a measurable outcome.

Forward-thinking companies will embrace wellbeing as an index of learnable actions and daily behaviour. By talking about wellbeing and backing it with action, leaders can eliminate a work culture that implies work should come before personal needs. Companies will enable and empower employees to find the right mix of tools and experiences for their individual needs. For some, creating time to recharge means prioritising adequate sleep, exercise or nutrition. Others might place emphasis on carving out time for mindfulness, disconnecting from technology or reconnecting with community.

A better future is possible when organisations help build the skills for wellbeing.

The actions businesses take through this current global crisis will make us stronger in the future. As we navigate the challenges of today, our capacity to foster wellbeing in the face of uncertainty will determine the strength of our leadership tomorrow.

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Understanding Wellbeing.

Wellbeing Surveys.

ELEMENT X™ is a self-report assessment that enables individuals, teams and organisations to maintain an awareness of their overall wellbeing and take appropriate action to sustain their levels of wellbeing.

Wellbeing Programs.

Depending on the results and insights from Element X™, and the key priorities identified by employees, we can then work with you to co-create and curate a structured and sustainable approach to wellbeing through targeted programs and immersions, including webinars, podcasts and learning expeditions.

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