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Supporting Greater Diversity & Inclusion at the Workplace

Driving Greater Gender Inclusion is The Smart Thing To Do.

“Without doubt, increasing the employment and participation of women is not only the right thing to do, but also the smart thing to do for employers, societies and women of course. Their collective under-representation within the workforce constitutes a massive loss in productivity, which we simply cannot afford to continue to waste. Workplace practices need to change to encourage more women to enter and remain in employment. It’s not that the women are not ready for the workplace; in many ways it is the workplaces that are not ready for its women.”

Jones, LeRay and Punshi
Winner of the Best International Non
Fiction Book Award at the Prestigious

The 50% Paradox Which May Be Further Exacerbated By The Covid-19 Pandemic.

Across most ‘emerging’ markets and many ‘developed’ countries, we are facing a unique paradox, where we are losing 50% of the female workforce at every step of career transition.

This is a significant lost opportunity for employers, the female workforce and the labour market. In addition to a lack of representation at senior levels, women are greatly under-represented in core business and technical role across most industries and organisations. While its early days to fully assess the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on gender balance, this paradox is expected to be further exacerbated and accelerated, resulting in more women losing their jobs or opting out of formal employment during and after the pandemic.

Critical Areas To Focus On While Supporting Gender Inclusion Programs.

While there are some commonalities in creating and delivering leadership development programs, our research at The Talent Enterprise has established that there are some critical areas of focus for enabling and empowering female talent at the workplace. This includes:
  • A strengths discovery process helping female talent identify their strengths & potential blindspots to lead authentically
  • Role modelling, social skills and 1-1 mentoring and coaching support are key
  • To build the self-confidence of female talent, especially by focusing on their personal brand and presence
  • It is also critical to provide female talent with short term / longer term career mobility and rotation assignments to build the depth and breadth of experience required to progress within the organisation
  • To build awareness and skills towards effective networking and influencing (with and without authority) and to ensure that female talent can successfully navigate the organisation by enlisting senior sponsors
  • Finally, efforts to develop female leaders should not only focus on ‘soft’ skills, but relevant expertise must be developed in essential business skills and knowledge
Source –

Qualitative and quantitative research for our award-winning book ‘Game-Changers’ by The Talent Enterprise

The Overall Leadership Journey.

Developing a comprehensive solution that caters to enhancing the skills of the women in the workplace and building a customisable plan generally entails three phases, with a brief illustration of the components for each phase and the estimated timelines below.


1 Month

  • Focus Groups With Participants And Line Managers
  • Pre-impact Survey
  • Thriving Index Assessments


3-6-9 Months Programs

  • Immersion Week
  • Customised Learning Modules
  • Group Or Individual Coaching Sessions
  • Podcasts And Other Learning Enablers
  • Ted-x Style Talks


1-2 Month

  • Post-impact Surveys
  • Learning Sustainment

Our Women In Leadership Programs Have Proven To Have A Significant Positive Impact For Participants And Organisations.


Most times, I am generally comfortable with public speaking.

From 26% to 78%


I have the information, knowledge and skills I need to develop in my career.

From 53% to 100%


I am usually comfortable in disclosing about my genuine self at work.

From 68% to 94%


I am aware of my strengths and areas of development.

From 68% to 100%


I have developed the confidence to become more visible in the organisation.

From 42% to 100%


I am proud of my strengths and accomplishments.

From 34% to 70%


I feel happier.

From 56% to 100%


I have better relationships at work and in my personal life.

From 52% to 82%

Designing And Delivering Customised Women In Leadership Programs Across The World.

Our partnership with DHL

We are partnering with DHL to deliver a built-for-purpose global women in leadership program, known as DHLforHer across Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa. The 9 month program is based on our research on D&I, and includes immersive sessions on authentic leadership, business impact and leading for the future, as well as a TED style talks by participants to conclude the program.

Our partnership with DXC Technology

We are working closely with DXC Technology, a global USD 20 billion company with over 138,000 employees on their D&I agenda, including the design and delivery of their flagship SheLeads@DXC program with over 300+ women leaders, creating an eco-system for change.

Our partnership with Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD)

We have worked closely with CBD to design and deliver a customised women in leadership program for their senior most female leaders across the Bank. The program journey is 6 months and includes 5 modules, and our signature TED Style talks.

Our partnership with Dubai Airports

We are working with Dubai Airports support female inclusion and develop their careers. Now in its third year, we have worked with over 100+ leaders as part of the Aspiring Women’s program, a 9 month immersive learning experience. Along with Dubai Airports, the program also included nominated participants from Dubai Police and Dubai Immigration.

Our partnership with Al Rajhi Bank

We partnered with Al Rajhi bank to design and deliver a unique, and first of its kind, all women graduate program. The 12 month program focussed on modules on topics related to Leading Self, Working with Teams, Workplace Essentials and was delivered completely in Arabic.

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