Element X™

In the Age of Social Distancing, we are bringing wellbeing closer to you.

ELEMENT X™ is a self report assessment that enables individuals, teams and organisations to maintain an awareness of their overall workplace wellbeing, and take appropriate actions to develop, sustain or enhance their levels of employee wellbeing.

ELEMENT X™ captures a range of determinants of wellbeing through an integrated framework consisting of 9 elements and 36 sub-drivers, providing an extremely comprehensive and contemporary view of wellbeing. Ranging from the typical elements of wellbeing such as health, stress, burnout, challenge, access to green spaces etc. as well as those that have become increasingly important in our current lifestyles and working practices such as digital balance, working remotely, work life balance, feeling valued, recognition and many others.

Assess Personal and Workplace Wellbeing

Includes elements of wellbeing that are personal such as physical wellbeing and a satisfactory or desired way to exist; as well as workplace wellbeing that enables individuals to thrive at work.

Powerful Validation Results

Validated with a number of well-established measures around Engagement, Life Evaluation, Eudaimonic Wellbeing as well as the Personal Wellbeing Index.

Immersive and Engaging Experience

Element X™ offers a visually appealing and dynamic user experience which is actually engaging to complete, typically in less than 10 minutes.

Importance and Satisfaction

Provides clear, meaningful and actionable results, not only for satisfaction levels with different elements of wellbeing, but also the relative importance for each. Key takeaways from the reporting include priority recommendations for mindset, productivity and lifestyle changes.

Detailed profiling for individuals, teams and organisations

Individual and consolidated results for teams and organisations to easily identify areas where they are doing well and where more focus from a wellbeing perspective is required.

Track Wellbeing Over Time

Measures wellbeing at a point in time as well over a period of time. 
Recommended frequency to be completed every 3-4 months.

Assess The Impact of Wellbeing Programs or Help With Where to Get Started

Element X™ can be used to assess the impact of ongoing corporate well-being initiatives as well as assist with getting started on a targeted wellbeing journey.

Available in Many Languages

Element X™ is available in a wide range of languages, including English, French and Arabic.

Element X™ Assessment

Element X™ offers an immersive survey experience with interactive sliding scales and dynamic imagery.

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Element X™ Individual Report

This is a baseline report that established wellbeing at a point in time for individuals. This report shows satisfaction with all the elements and sub-elements included in the Element X™ framework, along with their relative importance. This report also summarises the emotions or moods experienced most significantly by individuals at this point of time. 

Element X™ Group Report

This is a group level baseline report that combines results for everyone from a certain group such as a team, Business Unit or the organisation. Group Baseline reports help recognise organisational priorities for wellbeing by identifying elements that need more focus or development as well as those that need to be sustained because the employees feel relatively more satisfied with them.

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