The Thriving Index® Assessment

Discovering Your Signature Strengths

The Thriving Index® assesses 34 critical strengths such as grit, resilience, growth mindset, empathy, efficacy, agility and courage to thrive at work, helping individuals, teams and organisations with self-awareness into their signature strengths and potential blindspots. Feedback and insights from The Thriving Index® can be leveraged as part of talent identification, high potential, succession planning, leadership projects for self-development, learning, individual, group and team coaching and training programs.

A Powerful Behavioural Assessment Tool Like No Other.

The Thriving Index® is a leading-edge, contemporary psychometric assessment and educational series grounded in the latest research in positive psychology and the science of strengths, along with a firm foundation in personality theory and traditional psychology. Measuring a total of 34 factors across 6 dimensions, The Thriving Index® provides unmatched insights into what influences and drives behaviour of individuals, leaders and teams.

What Makes The
Thriving Index® Unique?

What It Measures

The Thriving Index® measures strengths that are essential to navigating, leading and thriving at work. No other assessment in the world holistically measures the unique factors included in the tool such as grit, resilience, growth mindset, efficacy, empathy, agility and courage.

Predictive Validity

Based on a decade of research and extensive validation studies, The Thriving Index® is predictive of critical outcomes such as employee performance, engagement and future potential, as well as happiness and well-being.

Unique Talent Insights

The Thriving Index® provides a precise, insightful view into the signature strengths as well as possible blindspots of individuals, leaders and teams, helping organisations understand, manage and develop talent.

Linkage to Recruitment and Development

The tool can be seamlessly mapped to core behavioural and leadership competencies providing a clear recommendation on overall fitment for recruitment or insights into the current and future potential of employees and leaders.

Employee Transformation

At The Talent Enterprise, we believe that while ‘personality informs, strengths transform’. Research into the science of strengths has proven that developing one’s strengths leads to significant gains in performance, productivity and positivity.

Strengths Based Organisations

Building strengths-based organisations is no longer the ‘right-thing-to-do’, but the ‘smart-thing-to-do’ with proven metrics on customer satisfaction, performance and productivity, employee engagement and retention and sales and business growth.

Explore The Thriving Index® strengths circumplex, with 6 orientations and 34 factors.

The Science.

Your Thriving Index® Result Summary

The Circumplex below summaries your scores on each of the 34 strengths measured through the Thriving Index assessment.

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The Impact.


The Thriving Index® Insight Report.

A brief report highlighting the top 5 signature strengths and lowest 5 developmental strengths as well as an overall ranking of all 34 factors, helping individuals explore and realise their signature strengths and blindspots.

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The Thriving Index® Resource Report.

A powerful, in-depth report with a detailed walkthrough of all 34 strengths, and the dynamic inter-play between all the strengths which inform and influence an individual’s behaviour. Used extensively for talent management, high potential identification, leadership development and coaching.

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The Thriving Index® Career Report.

This unique report maps career suitability across 24 career occupational clusters, 95 sub occupational clusters and over 1000+ job roles based on our future of work research. It is suitable for career exploration conversations for anyone who is at a transitional career point, i.e. from school to university, from university to employment, from early career to mid career.

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The Thriving Index® Pro Report Series.

Our competency based reports assessing suitability and fitment as per role specific criteria, behavioural competencies and leadership frameworks. Our standard series include the Sales

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