Gauri Gupta, The Talent Enterprise

Gauri Gupta

Founder and Chief Data Scientist

Based in Toronto, Gauri is the Founder and Chief Data Scientist at The Talent Enterprise, where she leads the analytics, research and development functions at The Talent Enterprise. With a expertise in advanced statistical analysis, modeling and psychometrics, Gauri is responsible for the on-going development of our assessment and research solutions.

Gauri previously worked at Aon Hewitt as an operations manager, where she was managing the team responsible for employee engagement projects for all European and the Middle Eastern clients. During her time with Aon, Gauri managed many high value projects, typically with a large degree of complexity and global scope. Her role required in-depth statistical analysis on analytical techniques such as regression, factor analysis and cluster analysis and she has published several academic papers on her research in employee and organisational assessment.