High Potential

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At The Talent Enterprise, we define high potential employees as those who have the future capacity to exponentially contribute to the success of their organisation. They demonstrate the right behaviour and learning agility along with an aspiration and longer-term commitment to maximise their potential.

However, through our years of extensive research, we know that assessment of potential is complex and multi-faceted. It requires using a multi-modal approach to ensure that the process is objective, robust and future-proof. Our proprietary approach to conducting potential assessments includes four crucial dimensions. Contact us to find out more about our high potential assessments and high potential programmes.

The Four Critical Dimensions Of Capability Assessment.

The Talent Enterprise’s approach to capability development include input on these key dimensions through online and face-to-face assessments.

The 4 assessments required for High Potential identification are available on our innovative cloud-based assessment platform, Lighthouse.


Career Aspirations Inventory


Thriving Index Strenghts Assessment


Alignment and Commitment Inventory


Cognitive Ability Assessment

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