Welcome to the Future of Assessments

Access real time, on demand talent insights with Lighthouse

Lighthouse is a leading employee assessment technology that provides customisable talent solutions faster, easier and better, with a focus on value, efficiency and impact.

The platform powers psychometric assessments, 360 & multi-rater tests, and organisational surveys, providing you with a holistic solution for your talent needs.

Combining real-time, custom analytics and reporting, Lighthouse enables uncluttered, objective decision making on your key talent priorities.

We call it people intelligence.

Welcome to the Future of Assessments


Lighthouse integrates over 35+ assessment tools, with 2000+ possible test combinations from a range of test publishers.

Disrupting traditional ‘single test publisher’ models prevalent in the market, the platform seamlessly integrates our own proprietary psychometric tools with other best-in-class tools from third party publishers, providing you, the client, with the ultimate power of choice.


Lighthouse provides a seamless user interface where the entire assessment experience is managed through a single dashboard. All tests are available through single sign on (SSO), helping streamline and strengthen your organisation’s internal and external employer brand.

Welcome to the Future of Assessments

Custom Branding

Company branded assessment landing pages to positively impact the employer brand.

Welcome to the Future of Assessments

Unified Dashboard

Clean, simple user interface, with all assessments hosted on a single dashboard.

Welcome to the Future of Assessments

Engaging Question Types

Over 50 responsive question types to cater to your survey requirements.


Lighthouse delivers exceptional features and functionality, which promises efficient and scalable execution.

  • Cloud-based assessment platform that can be deployed anywhere at anytime
  • Accessible through a wide range of browsers and devices, including laptops, smart phones and tablets
  • Intuitive navigation based on best-in-class UI / UX experience
  • Fast customisation including organisation’s brand, colors and logo
  • Rapid setup of project hierarchies for scalable delivery, including projects, campaigns and sub-campaigns 
  • Access to real time data and insights
  • Integrates with other ATS and ERP systems  
  • Extremely efficient, cost competitive with no hidden fees! 
The Future is Now


To ensure relevance to your context, our rapid reporting functionality allows clients to create customisable reports based on internal competency models and assessment criteria. Importantly, our uncluttered, simple, jargon-free insights empower business users and HR teams to make critical people decisions.

Welcome to the Future of Assessments

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