A new tool to uncover an organisation’s innovation potential

The Talent Enterprise launches The Innovation Mindset Index™, allowing companies to understand their innovation profile.

April 14th 2020 – Dubai, UAE – Leading psychometric assessment technology provider, The Talent Enterprise, has launched its newest in a series of assessment solutions, The Innovation Mindset Index™ , with the aim of helping organisations better understand how their human capital and leadership stand when it comes to innovation.

David Jones, CEO and co-founder of The Talent Enterprise explains, “Today’s uncertain environment is forcing companies and governments to adopt new ways of doing things to survive. However, some are just not able to jump on the innovation bandwagon because it has never been a critical component of their strategy and they are simply not in a situation where they can do this quickly enough. The first step organisations need to take is to become self-aware and The Innovation Mindset Index™ helps them get reliable data in order for them to do just that.”

The tool is a strengths-based assessment, founded on behavioural psychology and based on 9 years of extensive research studying behavioural and performance data of 20,000+ employees across 15+ countries and a wide range of industries. According to the behavioural science behind innovation mindsets, strengths such as Courage, Optimism, Open-mindedness, Resilience, Comfort with Ambiguity, Grit, Growth Mindset, Efficacy, Autonomy are shown to promote innovation.

The Innovation Mindset Index™, which takes about 20 minutes to complete, maps respondents to five different “Innovation Mindsets” so companies can understand each person’s style of innovation. This allows them to measure the innovation profile of their employees and leadership, individually and collectively, in order to identify the strengths and corresponding blind spots as well as the role each person can play in the innovation process.  It also helps benchmark innovation mindset within teams and across the company.

Hitendra Patel, Executive Director of the Global Innovation Management Institute, explains, “Innovation is not a journey one takes in isolation. Teams play a key role in generating great ideas and making them come to life. High quality teams are more likely they to connect the dots and come up with something ground-breaking, but they are not formed using the same thinking profiles. They need the right mix of ideators, strategisers, implementers, etc. The Innovation Mindset Index™ allows you to identify the innovator profile of each person in order to create a perfectly balanced team.”

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