Yara Mirdad

Head of Youth and Community Engagement

Yara is our Head of Youth and Community Engagement, where she is responsible for driving our strategy towards developing youth focused solutions, programs and initiatives in order to develop future skills and capacity. 

At The Talent Enterprise, Yara has spearheaded the design and delivery of our programs focusing on positive education & youth development, including Saudi Arabia’s National Growth Mindset Initiative – a large scale program for grade 11 students to build critical skills such as growth mindset, grit, resilience and confidence. She recently led the design and delivery of a nation-wide program to introduce community service for students in grade 8 to 12, across 22,000 schools in KSA along with the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Labour.  Yara is also leading The Talent Enterprise’s flagship ‘Project 458’ which brings together policy makers, educators and employers to actively commit to and address employability and work readiness for over 150,000+ university students and build capacity for 2,500+ educators and career guidance professionals on the future of work. 

Yara specialises in youth work, development and community studies. She is a Saudi national, fluent in Arabic, English & Italian. Over the past decade, Yara has mainly worked with key stakeholders and decision-makers in the education and not-for-profit sector. She worked with the team at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature for over four years to build a national initiative aimed at bringing young people in the region face to face with authors and harnessing their love of the Arabic language. 

Yara has recently completed her Masters in Applied Anthropology, Community and Youth Work from Goldsmiths College, University of London, and has a Bachelors Degree in Sociology and Criminology, University of London, UK.

Yara is a bookworm and has a passion for films. She has also been involved in TV production and filmmaking throughout the course of her career, including working as part of the Research & Production team for MBC’s ‘Badriya’ talk-show, a popular talk show that focuses on social issues in Saudi and she also supported the award-winning Emirati director & producer, Nujoom Al Ghanem on two independent films.