Jola Vorfi

Managing Consultant

As an organisational psychologist and accredited Executive Coach, Jola works closely with our clients and partners for the delivery of talent, employability and assessment projects. She supports them in designing appropriate development solutions as well as delivering training, assessment and coaching sessions to meet their business needs. Some of her major projects include working with First Abu Dhabi Bank to identify key development development needs for their UAE Nationals as well as with RAKBANK, where she was involved in the delivery of an extensive development programme for UAE Nationals. She has also most recently led our Catalyst Women Leadership Programme across banks in the UAE. Jola is an accredited executive coach and has solid experience working with individuals of various geographies, backgrounds and seniority levels.

Before joining the Talent Enterprise, Jola was the Director of Partnerships for Oliv (previously called InternsME), the fastest growing youth startup in the UAE. As part of her role, she was supporting the growth of the company by building client and university partnerships, employer branding solutions and hiring solutions for hundreds of clients in the GCC. During her time at Oliv, she was also invited by Universities to create and deliver workshops on students’ employability and career progression in UAE and was a frequent invited speaker on related topics in different events.

Jola also worked in recruitment and human resources, in UAE and Belgium. Originally from Albania, she was raised in Belgium and started her career in Brussels after finishing her Master degree in Organisational Psychology from “Universite Libre de Bruxelles”.

In her spare time, Jola is also a BWRT therapist, a solution-focused approach to therapy. She also loves fashion, blogging, photography, online shopping and traveling. Jola’s name is actually pronounced Yola and many people call her YOLO which she is fine with because she believes that You Only Live Once, and that if you do it right, it’s enough.