Elevating Generation Next

Foster critical skills for life to support youth at transitional crossroads

Our youth portfolio has one aim in mind. To create and deliver programs which clearly link to tangible outcomes, be it for employability, better access to work opportunities or to increase in their happiness and well-being.

Along with a network of partners, our programs aim to impact the lives of thousands of youth across the world.

Elevating Generation Next

An award-winning, comprehensive positive education programs to foster critical ‘skills for life’.

Assessment Solutions

Career Assessment

A career assessment which explores the world of employment to help individuals thrive.

Elevating Generation Next

Project 458

An ambitious project that aims to connect youth and returning mothers to work opportunities and create an eco-system of change.

Elevating Generation Next

Impact Evaluation

Custom projects to design and deliver large scale program evaluation and impact measures to assess longer term behavioural change.

Elevating Generation Next

Custom Programs

Custom behavioural change programs for youth, to lead to better employability and work outcomes.


StrengthsCompass® aims to empower a more resilient, hopeful and confident ‘generation next’ by building critical ‘skills for life’.

Its designed for youth in secondary, high school and university education as well as job-seekers and early-career professionals.

With clear impact evaluation, it translates the latest thinking in positive psychology and positive education to create immersive, experiential programs for youth.

The program can be delivered stand-alone or integrated into curriculum.

StrengthsCompass® creates an eco-system for change, working with teachers, parents, educators and the larger community.


The Career Thriving Index® identifies the innate strengths of youth, and recommends careers where they can thrive.

Based on a ‘world of employment’ map comprising of over 700+ roles across 24 occupational clusters, it provides feedback on 8 strength orientations including Creative, Practical, Community, Specialist, Relational, Persuasive, Enterprising and Analytical.

The tool can be used by high school and / or university students, graduates, job-seekers, interns and those looking for a career change.

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The World’s First & Only Strengths-Based Career Guidance Assessment, Mapping Over 700+ Roles across 24 Occupational Clusters


Project 458™ seeks to radically impact the career choices by youth and women to actively participate in our labour markets. 

Elevating Generation Next
Elevating Generation Next
Elevating Generation Next

Project 458™ directly links to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) as outlined by UNDP. 

It brings together a consortium of employers, educators and policy-makers targeting actions which directly impact youth and their key gate-keepers such as career guidance professionals and parents.

By 2021, Project 458™ aims to: 
  1. Provide career guidance assessments to 250,000 youth, job seekers and returning mothers.
  2. Reach over 25,000 youth through our skills for life programs.
  3. Professionalise the provision of career guidance by creating and delivering the first and only certified, regional, positive career counselling program targeting 5,000 school and university counsellors.
  4. Demonstrate impact in terms of tangible work opportunities to more than 85% of Project participants.