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The Talent Foresight Platform.

Lighthouse is one of the world’s most progressive and powerful talent assessment platforms, built on the very latest technology, delivering powerful data insights and customisation options. The platform provides immersive assessment solutions to more than 500 global clients, with an unrivalled range of online psychometric tests, virtual assessments and organisational surveys. Lighthouse is regarded as the gold standard in talent technology. Leading clients across the world rely on Lighthouse to make objective and predictive decisions on talent acquisition, high potential identification, succession planning, skilling and talent deployment, innovation and digital readiness, wellbeing, engagement and culture.

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A One-stop-shop Assessment Marketplace.

Lighthouse provides individual, team, departmental and organisational insights and analytics across the employee lifecycle. Lighthouse helps organisations make their most critical talent decisions based on predictive talent foresights combined with The Science of Behaviourmetry®. Lighthouse delivers results through powerful unmatched data insights and visualisation, using dynamic dashboards, bespoke reports and in-depth analytics. The candidate experience has been revamped through tasks and insights.
With more than 1500 individual assessments available, developed in-house by our team of psychologists and data scientists at The Talent Enterprise, as well as third party tools from other leading test publishers, offering infinite assessment combinations.
Lighthouse has the most relevant behavioural and technical assessments available across many industries from aviation to healthcare to software to banking companies across a wide client base.
The Lighthouse platform enables employees, candidates as well as clients to securely conduct smooth inductions, track candidates throughout the recruiting and hiring process, as well as maintain regular engagement with employees. The powerful Profile Builder functionality in Lighthouse gives access to detailed demographic insights and dynamic dashboards on the employees and applicants.
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Personality & Strengths

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القدرة المعرفية

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الدوافع و القيم

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Leadership Derailers

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360 & Multi-Rater

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Leadership Agility

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MS Office & English

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المشاركة والثقافة

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Innovation & Digital Readiness


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Situational Judgement Tests

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Business Simulations

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دراسات الحالة

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Role Plays

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AI Video Interviewing

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AI Enabled Proctoring

Delivering Exceptional User Experience .

Lighthouse delivers a completely customised user experience, which reinforces our clients’ employer brand
Its contemporary front-end design allows for seamless setup of talent campaigns, assessments, reports and client specific customisation 10X faster than any of our competitors, with no timely or expensive direct involvement from technology teams required!
  1. A client can manage multiple talent diagnostic campaigns such as graduate hiring, succession, digital transformation and wellbeing through a single platform, steering all talent priorities in one location.
  2. Lighthouse allows candidates and employees to view and complete all their tasks seamlessly through a unified user experience and single sign on (SSO).
  3. With no complex installation requirements, Lighthouse can be launched within a client organisation in a matter of minutes.
  4. Lighthouse platform branding can be customised according to the clients’ needs and requirements to deliver a better user experience for multiple demographics simultaneously. The Audit Log Access is given to the clients to track the progress of the candidates, with data being written back to a unified dynamic dashboard.

Campaign Home Page

Candidate Profile Completed

Demonstrating Impact Through
Predictive Talent Insights.

60% Increase

أناn candidate success ratios

10X faster


3X reduction

أناn time to hire

99% confidence

In predicting performance and potential

Integration With Other Leading Test Publishers.

Lighthouse offers one of the largest, most contemporary and comprehensive assessment catalogues integrated into a single platform. Apart from the full suite of The Talent Enterprise’s leading assessments, Lighthouse also includes assessments with a single sign on access from other leading test publishers like Hogan, Saville, Pearson and IIHT, preventing the need to deal with multiple providers or disparate methodologies. Lighthouse provides the world’s most comprehensive marketplace for talent assessments.

Feeding Insights and Intelligence Into
Other Ecosystems.

Lighthouse seamlessly integrates with HCM, ERP, ATS, LMS و LXP platforms, providing critical talent insights across the human capital ecosystem. Lighthouse can be launched within a clients organisation in a matter of minutes.
Powerful Analytics and Insights

Real Time Insights Through Our Advanced Analytics Capability.

Lighthouse provides individual, team, departmental and organisational insights and analytics across the employee lifecycle, helping organisations make their most critical talent decisions based on predictive talent foresights combined with The Science of Behaviourmetry® through powerful unmatched data insights and data visualisation using dynamic dashboards, bespoke reports and in depth analytics. The candidate experience has been revamped through tasks and insights.

In-Depth Talent Insights with Seamless Automation

Dynamic Talent Dashboards to Enable Fully Informed Decision Making.

Lighthouse provides clients with all the data they need to make critical hiring decisions, to identify and manage talent pools, to evaluate potential successors, to map skill gaps for transformation, upskilling and reskilling. Our insightful analytics engine also provides in-depth reporting and drill-downs at managerial, team, departmental as well as organisational levels.

Powerful Reporting on an Individual, Team, Departmental and Organisational Level.

Customise Lighthouse To Fit Your Requirements and Branding.

Lighthouse delivers a completely customisable end user experience, which meets every talent pools requirements and enables each of our clients to reinforce their employer brand. Lighthouse delivers customised assessment solutions and organisational surveys at scale, in multiple languages, all across the world, based on your unique requirements. Its contemporary front-end design allows for the agile set-up of talent campaigns, assessments, reports and client specific customisations 10X faster than competitors, with no direct involvement from technology teams! Lighthouse branding can be fully customised according to the clients’ needs and requirements to deliver a more meaningful, relevant and immersive user experience.

Regional Data Hosting Available in UAE, KSA & EU.

Lighthouse offers the option of regional data hosting in many different regions to match the data privacy and security requirements of our clients, along with the flexible and global cloud-based delivery.

Global Data Privacy and Security Standards .

Lighthouse is a cloud based talent assessment platform that allows easy implementation with minimal setup requirements and can be easily deployed at any of our clients offices.. It is GDPR compliant and adheres to the best in class global data security and privacy standards following the guidelines of ISO 27001:2013.

العميل موافقات.

"لقد كان من دواعي سروري التعاون مع المواهب المؤسسة على تنفيذ لدينا 360 موظف التنمية دراسات استقصائية عبر تدل على الصعيد العالمي على المنارة منصة. الموهبة المؤسسة تمكن حقيقية روح الشراكة تقدم الفكر الريادي جنبا إلى جنب مع النصائح العملية ، ونحن نتطلع إلى مواصلة النجاح والتأثير."
شوبا Shridharan
الرئيس العالمي التعلم يعني
"إذا كنت تعتقد في الاقتباس 'في العلم ونحن على ثقة' ثم كنت بحاجة إلى التحدث إلى المواهب المؤسسة. أنها تجلب علم النفس التنظيمي و البحوث النهج القائمة على أن كل ما يفعلونه مع مجموعة من الرائدة التقييمات التي تخلق تأثير. ولا سيما مزدهرة مؤشر أداة وقد تم كل الثاقبة و مفيدة في العمل مع فرق القيادة بناء على الفردية والجماعية القوة."
بيتر أتفيلد ك
رئيس المواهب والتعلم ضابط جاردين ماثيسون المجموعة

Clients That Have Used Lighthouse.


يعني هو اسم شركة فيليبس للإضاءة. وهي رائدة على مستوى العالم في الإضاءة وتوفر للعملاء مع جودة عالية ، الإضاءة الموفرة للطاقة المنتجات والنظم والخدمات.
عرض المزيد


DHL هي الرائدة في العالم شركة الخدمات اللوجستية.
عرض المزيد


روش اختار TTE العمل في عدة التعلم وتنمية المشاريع حيث قدمنا قيادة عمليات تقييم التدريب.
عرض المزيد

بروناي الملكي

طيران بروناي الملكي في الجارية التنظيمي المشروع مع TTE حيث أنها تستخدم لدينا مشاركة الموظفين المسح الحل.
عرض المزيد

شركة بيبسي كولا

رائد F&B الصانع والموزع في دول مجلس التعاون الخليجي.
عرض المزيد


ديلويت هي الرائدة عالميا في مجال التدقيق والتأكيد ، واالستشارات المالية المخاطر الاستشارية والضرائب والخدمات ذات الصلة.
عرض المزيد

Sia الشركاء

Sia الشركاء إدارة شركة استشارية تعمل في مجموعة متنوعة من الصناعات ، بما في ذلك الحكومة.
عرض المزيد

مطارات دبي

في عام 2018 ، مع مطارات دبي عملت مع الموهبة المؤسسة لإنشاء وإدارة تطمح المرأة برنامج غامرة برنامج تنمية القدرات القيادية مصممة الشركة الإناث المديرين والقادة.
عرض المزيد

دبي القابضة

TTE تعمل مع دبي القابضة مجموعة جميرا للمساعدة في التعرف على إمكانات عالية لمواطني دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة ودعم لتعاقب الموظفين. الشركة باستخدام لدينا إمكانات عالية الهوية على الانترنت تقييم الحل.
عرض المزيد

مجموعة الفطيم

مجموعة الفطيم هو نجاح دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة مقرا العائلية تكتل. وتوظف الشركة أكثر من 44,000 شخص وتدير ثمانية أقسام تضم السيارات والالكترونيات, التأمين, الخدمات والعقارات وتجارة التجزئة والصناعات في الخارج.
عرض المزيد

تنمية نفط عمان

تنمية نفط عمان (PDO) هي الرائدة في مجال استكشاف وإنتاج الشركة في سلطنة عمان. شركة تنمية نفط عمان يسلم غالبية البلاد إنتاج النفط الخام و الغاز الطبيعي, ولكن قبل كل شيء التركيز على تقديم التميز والنمو المستدام خلق القيمة داخل و خارج النفط والغاز.
عرض المزيد


مصدر رأس المال البشري في فريق يختار المواهب المؤسسة لقيادة التدريب جزء من برنامجها الجديد على مديري المتوسطة يسمى "رواد النجاح في الوصول إلى آفاق جديدة".
عرض المزيد

Cleveland Clinic AD

عرض المزيد

Qatar Airways

عملنا مع الخطوط الجوية القطرية على دعم التوطين الاستراتيجية و تصميم برامج الدراسات العليا.
عرض المزيد

Saudi Investment Bank

البنك السعودي للاستثمار يقدم التقليدية من تجارة الجملة والتجزئة المصرفية التجارية والمنتجات. على وجه الخصوص ، فإن البنك يقوم بتمويل من وشبه الحكومية والخاصة في القطاعات الصناعية ومنتجات تمويل التجارة من أجل تسهيل الواردات و زيادة الصادرات السعودية.
عرض المزيد

Ministry of Tourism

السعودية وزارة السياحة هي هيئة حكومية تعنى بالسياحة. وهي تركز على دعم وتشجيع المحلية والخارجية السياحة من خلال رعاية وتنظيم الفعاليات السياحية في جميع أنحاء البلاد.
عرض المزيد

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Are you currently using any assessment platform?


Lighthouse platform can be accessed via various access points such as Email, SMS, QR Codes, Custom URLS’s, Pop Ups and Social Media.

Click here to request a demo and book a 20 minute session with one of our experts.
Lighthouse can be integrated into any systems such as ATS, LXP, Talent Portals and ERP’s with our REST API’s. Click here to know more.

Yes, the candidate is able to do all the assessments and comeplete the requirements through a single sign on. The candidate is also able to track their application at various stages.

There are absolutely no specific integrations required to use the Lighthouse platform.

Definitely, the look & feel of the end user experience can be customised as per your company’s brand guidelines.

Lighthouse offers one of the largest, most contemporary and comprehensive assessment catalogues that seamlessly integrate into a single platform, including some of the world’s best assessments from leading test publishers like Hogan, Saville and Pearson.

Candidates will be able to see all the assigned assessments on the Lighthouse dashboard. It can also include assessments from third party publishers.

The Talent Enterprise’s standard reports are available in both Arabic and English. Custom reports can be created in any language.

Reports are available on the platform as soon as the required assessments are completed.

The analytics dashboard is available on an Individual level, Team and departmental level as well as organizational level. Click here to view the dashboard.

With the data collected via assessments and from clients Human Resource Information System (HRIS), our data team can perform various predictive analysis, which helps in identifying common patterns and themes. These predictions can help in making informed recommendations for Hiring, Retaining, Identfying High Potential Talent, Areas of Development and more.

Yes, people can view different reports based on their level in the organisational hierarchy. Both managers and candidates can view reports depending on the level of access they have. Overall dashboards can also be accessed by top level management where they can even select and view reports for individual candidates.

In person and virtual training is available.

Once you are signed up and using our platform, you will gain access to The Lighthouse Manual which provides the admin with the neccessary information to locate and navigate through the platform and is very self explanatory. We also have an online chat option, where the chatbot is available during working hours (8:00 am to 8:00 pm UAE from Sunday to Friday). Any candidate can message us while taking an assessment and immediate solutions are provided in real time by our experts.

The Future of Assessments is here. Request a personalised 20 minute demo with one of our experts.