The Thriving Index

Predict optimal performance through a powerful, cutting-edge psychometric assessment


The Thriving Index® provides powerful insights on an individual’s unique signature strengths. It also helps identify potential blindspots based on their overuse or underuse, providing a clear indicator on the likelihood for future development and change. 


Measuring a total of 34 factors across 6 dimensions, the tool is used extensively by private and public sector organizations to select and develop employees and leaders. The Thriving Index® assesses those aspects which are essential to the future of work, such as agility, grit, resilience, growth mindset, self-efficacy, courage and optimism.

Thiriving Index Report

Key Features


Client Case Study Commercial Bank International

“Thriving Index® can be localised for culture, environment and norms. Its validity and predictive value are superior to other solutions thanks to this localisation.”

Mark Robinson. CEO, Commercial Bank International