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Commercial Bank International (CBI) has been helping leading companies and ambitious people of the UAE manage their business and personal finances with confidence since 1991.


The Thriving Index is specific to the region’s culture and norms. Its predictive value is superior to other solutions thanks to this localization.

- Mark Robinson
- Chief Executive Officer, CBI


Commercial Bank International turns around its recruitment and talent management processes to hire and develop its employees more efficiently using TTE’s Thriving Index strengths-based assessment and Learning Centres.


  1. “How do we know we are hiring and promoting the right people?”
    “How do we develop our employees to achieve our business objectives while helping them evolve and grow?”

These were some of the questions CBI wanted to address. The Bank did not have a highly structured recruitment selection process in place and when it came to their own employees, they had never undergone any assessments or been given any development training.

When CBI began working with The Talent Enterprise, their initial HR objectives were to:

  • Put in place a data-driven tool to improve candidate selection for middle managers and above
  • Assess top managers for strengths and areas of development which could then feed into a training programme


The Bank began using TTE’s Thriving Index® strength-based psychometric assessment tool as part of the recruitment process for certain key senior positions.

CBI also wanted to conduct a objective and comprehensive assessment of its managerial capability, and worked closely with TTE on evaluating 50 managers through proprietary TTE Learning Centres, where they:

  • Completed online assessments: the Thriving Index, Cognitive Ability Tests, Alignment and Aspiration Inventories
    Went through assessment excercises with senior assessors: work simulations, role plays, case studies and in-depth BEI’s
  • Received one-on-one feedback to help reiterate their strengths, blindspots and developmental areas.

Giovanni Everduin, Senior Advisor at CBI, adds “The majority of people were impressed by how rich and comprehensive the insights were by combing the Thriving Index with the Learning Centre approach. Not only did they benefit from these insights from a leadership perspective, but on a personal level as well.”

Senior management received a concise organisational view of the managerial benchstrengths, with compelling analysis on development gaps and talent mapping.



Omran Asan, Acting Chief HR Officer at CBI explains, “The Learning Centre data helped us build the Bank’s leadership model based on our employees’ capabilities as opposed to forcing a best practice model onto everyone. We also went on to design a comprehensive leadership programme.”

This led to the launch of the Banking on Leaders programme, which has been wholly customised by TTE and Harvard based on the assessment insights. The program includes 6 modules as well as a business impact project, and was launched successfully in Q4 2018. The participants are half way through the program and have just completed the third module. Mr Asad adds, “Feedback so far has been excellent, employees are enjoying the relevance and quality of the engaging Programme.”

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