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Graduate Solution

Setting your graduates up for success to thrive in the future of work

Hire X – Graduate Solution.

Do you feel like your graduate hiring process is outdated and stuck in the past?

Are you overwhelmed by the sheer volume of applicants and the amount of time and energy it takes to find your best graduate hires?

Spending a significant amount of $$ on graduate hiring and unable to demonstrate ROI to your leadership team?

Satisfied with your current process, but keen to explore the latest tools and technologies?

Don’t take our word for it. See what some recent candidates had to say about The Talent Enterprise’s Hire X – Graduate Solution.


said the overall experience of the virtual learning centre was positive


Said they felt engaged throughout the virtual assessment


Said the system functionality was easy to navigate


Said the virtual learning centre gave them sufficient opportunity to display their strengths

How does it compare to your previous
online or face-to-face assessments experience?

General comments from participants.

Our Hire X – Graduate Solution has proven significant impact and ROI to our clients.

50% Success Rate on Online Tests

The 50-60% online success rate ensures that the right candidates are short-listed for the next stage(s)

70% Hiring Success Ratio

7 of 10 candidates who pass the online tests (both cognitive ability and personality) are typically offered the position, saving significant time and effort

2X Gain in Time to Hire

Significant efficiency gains in time to hire, usually reducing to half of the average time (i.e. from 45 days to 20 days)

98% Candidate Satisfaction

Over 95% of candidates provide positive feedback on the overall hiring experience, positively impacting your employer brand

Significant Gains in New Hire Performance and Retention

Proven impact of predictive modelling to establish objective gains in new hire performance and retention

Recommended Process For Graduate
Hiring At NEOM.

Stage 1:
Application And Short-listing.

Approx. 8,000-10,000 candidates

Candidates will be invited to complete all assessments on The Talent Enterprise’s state-of-the-art Lighthouse
platform, with customised branding for NEOM. The assessments can be completed on various devices, including
laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

The process will include the following and will take
approx. 45 mins to complete.

Application Form 

(15 Mins)

To evaluate whether candidate meets minimum eligibility requirements (GPA, Degree, University, Nationality), upload resume and answer any other relevant questions (Preferred Sectors etc.)

AGILE Gamified Cognitive Ability Tests

Numerify (number fluency): 6 mins

Reasonify (general reasoning): 6 mins

Detectify (error detection): 4 mins

The video interview is Approx. 

(15 - 20 mins)

Conducted by Talenta and asks about candidates interest in NEOM, share more information about their background, experiences etc.

Stage 2:
Virtual Discovery Centres.

Approx. 250 candidates

Those candidates who qualify in the application stage will be invited to participate in an immersive virtual
Discovery Centre which will include a variety of tools and methods such as case studies, role plays and business
simulations / SJT’s along with The Thriving Index®.

The GDP Discovery Centre The Talent Enterprise will conduct a Virtual Discovery Centre with all eligible NEOM graduate candidates (~3 – 4 hours) where they would be asked to complete 2 – 3 scenarios online such as case studies, role plays and business simulations / SJT’s along with The Thriving Index®.

NEOM receives an overall recommendation on each candidate along with their competency / fitment scores.

Case Study, Role Play Scenarios, Business Simulations / SJT’s along with The Thriving Index®.
(Virtual): 3-4 hours

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