“Coaching was not an add-on to our Leadership Development initiative, it was the red thread that ran throughout the programme.”

– Brigitte Sitzberger
Manager of Talent Development, Masdar


“ The Talent Enterprise’s coaching was the glue that held the Programme together. ”

- Brigitte Sitzberger Manager
- Talent Development, Masdar


Masdar’s Human Capital team chooses The Talent Enterprise to lead the coaching portion of its new programme for middle managers called “Pioneers of Success – Reaching New Heights”.


The aim of the “Pioneers of Success” programme was to develop 25 high-performing Masdar middle managers who had been in the company for at least 2 years with less than 10 years of work experience. All programme participants got access to an accredited TTE coach who worked with them on a monthly basis over 18 months.  The aim of the coaching was to help participants build the leadership capabilities required to drive business results.



TTE coaching was based on the RISE Coaching Model. a Strength-based approach focused on identifying, committing to and sustaining longer-term behavioural change. Through a process of self-discovery and identifying the intention of the session, the coach helps coachees identify their strengths and potential blind spots, as well as clear actions that leads to tangible personal and organisational impact. The framework incorporated each coachee’s assessment results and was aligned to Harvard’s programme and Masdar’s business objectives.



The programme was a great success and participant feedback about the coaching was positive:

  • Coaching helped turn programme and career objectives into an actionable plan
  • It helped them take ownership of their learning process
  • It improved well being and satisfaction throughout the training
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