Mercer Talent Enterprise launches a dedicated Talent Academy to develop future leaders

 ‘Talent Academy’ offers pioneering learning and development journeys to shape the future of work

Dubai, February 2024 – Mercer Talent Enterprise (TTE), a leading global talent assessment, technology, and leadership development company with offices in Riyadh, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, today announced the launch of  ‘Talent Academy’ designed to provide organizations with powerful learning journeys, leadership programs, as well as coaching and capacity development initiatives, aimed at cultivating and nurturing a community of empowered leaders. Talent Academy will offer bespoke solutions across all levels of seniority, from building skills for early career talent to developing senior leadership to accelerate the future of work.

Globally, companies invest billions annually in leadership development, with around USD 60 billion spent each year, aiming to transform managers into exceptional leaders, as indicated by Future Market Insights. However, despite substantial resources and time, these initiatives often fall short of their ambitious commitments, failing to cultivate strong leaders. Many times, this may be attributed to leadership development efforts lacking longer-term, sustainable behavioral change and demonstrated impact.  Further, according to a report by Global Insight Services, the global Leadership Development Program market size was reported to be USD 77.9 billion in 2023 and is anticipated to reach over USD 199.9 billion in 2033, growing at a rate of over 9.9% from 2024 to 2033.

In the post-pandemic world, organizations continue to face significant risks related to succession and business continuity, and future-proofing against these challenges as well as building a strong leadership pipeline is key. According to research by Mercer Talent Enterprise, more than 50% of organizations could not name a successor to their C-Suite positions in case a vacancy arises, and many face significant risks in managing leadership transitions and building future readiness.  This underscores the need for and importance of developing strong leaders and reinforces the significance of establishing the Talent Academy, which not only fills a market gap but also aligns with evolving market needs, and the future of work, blending the latest developments in learning with long-term change.

Radhika Punshi, Founder and Managing Director at Mercer Talent Enterprise said: “While there are many providers focussed on developing leaders, Talent Academy stands out by delivering deeply meaningful, outcome focussed solutions and programs that help shift behaviors and mindsets and demonstrate sustained leadership impact. There is a massive need by private and public sector clients in the region to elevate HR, assess and develop skill gaps, identify and develop high potential talent pools, and equip current leaders to meet the people, digital and business challenges over the next decade. Talent Academy aims to be a pivotal learning partner to our clients, focusing on evidence-based, immersive, ROI-driven programs leveraging our science of behaviormetrics® and focus on the future of work.”   

“Mercer Talent Enterprise approaches leadership development by delving deep into behavioral science, offering a distinctive viewpoint to cultivating leaders. This approach goes beyond traditional methods and is centred around impact-based leadership, aiming to identify leaders poised to make the most significant impact. Moreover, our comprehensive development programs offer impact focused training to help women in the region navigate gender-specific challenges, and develop the skills needed to influence and lead effectively, all aimed at advancing women in leadership roles,” added Punshi.

Talent Academy tailors its programs to meet diverse organizational specifications. The offering spans programs across five main streams:

  • HR Capability Programs: Equipping HR teams with assessment and talent management-related capabilities including BPS Occupational Testing certification, accreditation of its flagship psychometric assessments, assessor skills trainings, high potential and succession planning masterclasses etc.
  • Leadership Development Programs: Designing and delivering customized learning journeys to develop leadership capabilities across the organisation from graduates to high potentials, to senior leaders
  • Inclusion Journeys: Facilitating powerful programs to support women in leadership especially at critical leadership transition stages
  • Skill Development: To power the skills agenda across the region by working with governments and sector skill academies to develop critical skills related to the future of work      
  • Coaching and Mentoring Programs: ICF-approved trainings covering certification programs for coaches and managers, boosting leadership coaching skills, and preparing leaders to be effective mentors

Mohamed Hamza, Senior Director Client Success, KSA at Mercer Talent Enterprise Talent Academy, said: “In the region’s young nations, developing leaders and grooming them to lead transformation is crucial to achieve the ambitious goals in place. We aim to support this by launching the Talent Academy and utilising the local and regional experience we have, along with the global best practices and world-class solutions that we offer, to achieve practical results on the ground and support the transformation journeys in the most relevant way. Through our thought leadership at Mercer Talent Enterprise and our partnership eco-system, we are confident that the Talent Academy will address the current gap in the market by delivering impact-focused leadership, skilling and capability development solutions for governments and the private sector, supported by certifications, accreditations, and coach credentialing for the HR community, delivered in English and Arabic depending on the requirements.”

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About Mercer Talent Enterprise

Mercer Talent Enterprise is a global talent assessment technology company founded in Dubai in 2013 by David Jones, Radhika Punshi and Gauri Gupta; with a fast-expanding global network of offices and partners, working with over 250 clients across the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Europe. Inspired by a belief that the current methods of assessing human capital could be revolutionised by a new and integrated approach. It partners with policymakers, employers, and educators on aspects such as career guidance, employability and life skills, talent assessment, succession planning, leadership development and workplace wellbeing. By providing insights into the intricacies of behavior in individuals, teams and organizations, Mercer Talent Enterprise helps them make critical people decisions through The Science of Behaviourmetry®, which blends contemporary psychometric tools and assessment solutions with the latest advances in artificial intelligence and data science; a concept pioneered by the company. Lighthouse, by Mercer Talent Enterprise, is the leading employee assessment technology platform that provides an unrivalled range of online psychometric tests, virtual assessment solutions and organizational surveys on a single integrated platform, delivering incredible data insights and customization.

Launched with the mission to create a community of empowered leaders who not only excel in their respective fields, but also inspire positive change, foster innovation, and champion the growth of those around them, Talent Academy harnessses the science of behaviormetrics® to create immersive and experiential learning, dedicated to nurturing and cultivating the potential within individuals to become better performers and more effective leaders, through comprehensive development programs.

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