The Talent Enterprise is a leading-edge human capital ‘think’ and ‘do’ tank answering tomorrow’s questions today. We help accelerate change through our talent assessment, youth enablement and capability development solutions, grounded in applied research and powered by technology.

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The Talent Enterprise drives evidence based people decisions, answering tomorrow’s questions today
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The Talent Enterprise pioneers assessment solutions which are at the intersection of leading edge behavioural science and technology
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The Talent Enterprise delivers positive youth programs to cultivate a more resilient, hopeful and confident ‘generation next’
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Behavioural Assessment + Behavioural Change + User-Centric Technology.

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Personality Informs, But Strengths Transform

Based on over a decade of research in positive psychology, our flagship assessment, the Thriving Index® assesses 21st century strengths, such as grit, resilience, growth mindset, self-efficacy and optimism.

Numerous validation studies with the Thriving Index® across organisations, cultures and teams clearly establish that: 

High Performing
Employees Focus on Others

  • Differ from others by 23% in having a growth mindset.
  • Have 25% higher empathy.

High Performing
Employees Step Up

  • They demonstrate 4 times higher levels of accountability than others.
  • Have a high sense for achievement at 75% versus others at 53%.
  • Have 37% higher self-efficacy and a sense of agency to get things done. 

High Performing Employees Are Gritty

  • Have 22% greater resilience in dealing with setbacks and challenges compared to the rest.
  • Are energetic and driven (61% versus 33%).
  • Are twice as optimistic as others.

Welcome to the Future of Assessments


Lighthouse brings together a best-in-class range of assessments from varied publishers with 35+ tests and 2000+ possible combinations on a single platform.


It provides an exceptional user experience, where all tests are managed and administered on a unified dashboard through single-sign-on functionality.


Lighthouse delivers exciting features and functionality, including rapid customisation and integration into other ERP’s and ATS systems.


Accelerating decision making through powerful data visualisation and analysis, Lighthouse provides insights and reporting based on your talent and competency models.

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