The Talent Enterprise and London Strategy Centre (LSC) have announced a strategic collaboration

The Talent Enterprise and London Strategy Centre (LSC) have announced a strategic collaboration the, supported by the Arab British Chamber of Commerce, aimed at pushing the boundaries of talent assessment solutions and creating next-generation customised executive development programmes for organisations in the UK and the Middle East region through integrating cutting-edge technology.

David Jones, Founder and CEO at The Talent Enterprise, said, “Talent assessment and executive development are two parts of the coin. With the increasing need for organisations to develop their leadership capabilities and build high-performing teams, this partnership will enable us to offer a comprehensive suite of executive development programs that will drive business success.”

Dr Imran Zawwar, CEO of LSC, added, “We are excited to partner with The Talent Enterprise and leverage their expertise in talent assessment. This collaboration will enable us to offer customised individual solutions and bespoke executive interventions that will help our clients achieve their strategic goals.”

Abdeslam El-Iddrissi, Deputy CEO and General Secretary of Arab British Chamber of Commerce, commented, “We are delighted to support this collaboration between LSC and The Talent Enterprise. The partnership will provide an excellent platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration between the UK and the UAE, and further strengthen our economic ties.”

Stephen Rowe, VP Training and Development at BAES SDT, who was part of this ceremony said, “I am thrilled to witness the strategic collaboration between London Strategy Centre and The Talent Enterprise, and I am confident that this partnership will bring about great benefits for our organisations in terms of enhanced leadership development and talent management capabilities,”

The strategic collaboration between The Talent Enterprise  and LSC will focus on providing customised executive development and talent assessment services. The partnership will bring together LSC’s extensive experience in capability development with The Talent Enterprise’s expertise in organisational and talent assessment.

About The Talent Enterprise:

The Talent Enterprise, a global leading talent assessment technology company. The first and only organisation in the world to establish the science of Behaviourmetrics® providing unmatched talent intelligence to clients. Helping organisations across the world build high performing teams and develop their leadership capabilities as well as make critical people decisions, blending contemporary psychometric tools, assessment solutions and capability development with the latest advances in behavioural science and technology.

About London Strategy Centre:

The London Strategy Centre is a premier executive development institute that offers customised programmes and consulting services for organisations across various industries. LSC’s programmes are designed to help executives and leaders develop the skills and knowledge they need to drive business success.