The Catalyst Leadership program




Catalyst is the first and only programme dedicated to developing capability in the financial sector for female professionals in the GCC. It provides a unique opportunity for your organisation to nominate female talent to nurture their skills on a regional platform, providing unmatched learning, networking and mentoring opportunities. 


As the only programme dedicated to women in the financial services sector, the program will:

  • Reaffirm your organisation’s commitment to supporting gender diversity and inclusion
  • Strengthen your employer brand as a progressive institution actively engaging, developing and retaining your female employees
  • Provide a once-in-a-lifetime developmental platform for females to build future capabilities contexualised to the financial sector
  • Serve as a networking platform bringing together a cross-sector of GCC financial institutions
  • Help strengthen your talent pipeline by preparing women to transition into more senior leadership positions

program Overview

Catalyst is designed using compelling research published in Mercer Talent Enterprise’s award-winning book, Game-Changers, which brings to light the critical areas of focus with regards to female development and inclusion. The learning journey has been further customized to the banking and financial services context based on our extensive experience of working in the sector, and in close consulting with subject matter experts.
The 6 month programme is endorsed by ILM and includes a:

  • Rigorous self-assessment process to understand personal strengths, blindspots and barriers
  • Key focus on helping female leaders build their personal brand and presence through a unique ‘theatre’ experience
  • Dedicated module on managing their careers, networking and sponsorship, all of which are typically lacking for women
  • Opportunity to tackle a variety of topics relevant to financial services including innovation, change and digitization through case based learning
  • Capstone module putting learning in action, where each participant would deliver a TED-x style presentation

Who should attend

Each organisation can nominate up to a maximum of 10 female employees per programme. The nomination criteria is as follows:

  • A minimum of 5 years of relevant work experience
  • A minimum tenure of 1 year in the organisation
  • Women who are considered high potential and aspire to invest in their personal and professional development
  • In order to successfully graduate, it is critical for participants to complete all modules during the 6 month programme

Dates and Registration

Nominations: By May 15th 2019
program Start: Sept 2019
For more details and to register please contact Casper Hammer