SHRM India partners with Salto Dee Fee and The Talent Enterprise to provide best in class psychometric tools and assessment technology to clients

New Delhi, 24th June 2022: SHRM India, the world’s largest HR professional society, announced its partnership with Salto Dee Fee and The Talent Enterprise to provide its clients in India, Middle East and Asia Pacific with best-in-class psychometric tools, assessment technology and solutions. Launched at the recently concluded SHRM Tech Conference 2022 in Hyderabad, the partnership enables SHRM to provide extensive and exceptional insight into the behaviours of individuals, teams and organisations, using the leading edge, technology enabled talent assessment and workplace diagnostic solutions offered by The Talent Enterprise.

The partnership will provide SHRM’s clients with contemporary solutions for the new world of work in the areas of talent acquisition, career guidance, high potential identification, succession planning, innovation, digital readiness, diversity, inclusion and wellbeing, powered by the Lighthouse platform, using progressive technologies such as gamification, video interviewing, AI proctoring, digital simulations, virtual assessment and development centres. The tools, technologies and solutions will help employers access and understand their workforce in real time from anywhere at any time, serving the new wave of hybrid and remote working.

Through this partnership, clients across the region will have access to a range of personality and strengths assessments, cognitive ability, 360, learning agility and wellbeing tools based on the latest thinking and research in areas such as positive psychology and behavioural sciences. One of the most pioneering assessment tools offered by the partnership, The Thriving Index®, measuring strengths such as grit, resilience, growth mindset, agility, ambiguity and courage at the workplace was recently recognised as a British Psychological Society (BPS) registered tool. Another assessment tool, Element X, provides clients with a holistic measure of wellbeing at an individual, team and organisational level, providing companies with a roadmap to define and measure success of their wellbeing strategies.

Ms Achal Khanna, CEO – SHRM India, APAC & MENA, Said, “Assessing employee psychology is the most crucial part for an organisation as the behaviour of the employees not only impact their performance but also effect the smooth functioning of the organisation. Thus, the correct assessment at all levels of the employee journey will help the employer to deal with them with right kind of solutions. In our commitment towards creating better workplaces, we have announced our partnership with Salto Dee Fee and The Talent Enterprise to offer technology enabled psychometric and assessment tools to our clients. I am hopeful that these tools will create impact in workplaces and we look forward to taking this solution to all relevant clients in the region.

Ms. Radhika Punshi, Founder & Managing Director, The Talent Enterprise, reiterated that “our partnership with SHRM and Salto Dee Fee could not have come at a better time. As we emerge on the other side of the pandemic, clients across the world are looking for evidence based, practical yet powerful tools and solutions that can help their employees, leaders and teams increase their current levels of engagement and performance, focus on change readiness and learning agility as well as sustain their overall mental health and wellbeing. Through this partnership, SHRM clients can now access and benefit from these tools, solutions, technologies and data insights, which have been developed, validated and used extensively in India, the broader Asia Pacific region and Middle East countries keeping in mind socio-cultural, demographic and workplace considerations, as well as global and regional datasets and norms.”

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About The Talent Enterprise

The Talent Enterprise is a global assessment technology company collaborating with the best and largest teams of organisational psychologists as well as data scientists, technologists, psychologists and researchers for an interdisciplinary approach when using the latest developments in AI and machine learning to provide credible and scientific strengths-based assessments that identify critical talent and succession risks. Founded in Dubai in 2012 by David Jones, Radhika Punshi  and Gauri Gupta; inspired by a belief that the current methods of assessing human capital could be revolutionised by a new and integrated approach. 

It partners with policy-makers, employers and educators on aspects such as career guidance, employability and life skills, talent assessment, succession planning and leadership development.

The Talent Enterprise is headquartered in Dubai, with a fast-expanding global network of offices and partners, working with over 350 clients across Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, UK, Canada and Europe as well the Americas.

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