The Innovation Mindset of Leaders Report

Position Papers
A comprehensive report detailing the mindset of leaders when it comes to the topic of organizational innovation.

The need for change agility and continuous innovation has therefore become critical for businesses to sustain growth and remain profitable. In fact, innovation – a buzz word that is associated by many with new technology in the past – seems to be on a growing number of company and government agendas these days because it is at the crux of their future existence.

Many studies have focused on identifying the role innovations have in giving organizations an edge to either disrupt their markets or provide them with a competitive advantage. But what drives corporate transformation and innovation? Knowledge on what to do and how to do it is of course key, but our collective experience tells us that the real problem isn’t a knowledge gap, it’s a mindset one.

We initiated this research paper to gain a deeper understanding on the state of organizational innovation and the role leaders play in creating a mindset that drives it. It is based on a survey of 500+ managers and leaders as well as interviews with innovation experts.

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