Saher Farghal

Managing Consultant

Saher has helped assess and develop more than 4,000 people to become better leaders and contributors – enabling them to perform at their best and deliver business results for their company. Since 2007, the learning journeys that Saher has delivered have aided companies to stay ahead of their competitors, successfully navigate the fast pace of change, grow their revenue, survive tough market conditions and thrive in good times.

As a learning consultant, Saher works with clients to help them fulfill their potential to discover their strengths and areas for development. This included training need analysis, building competency frameworks, assessing and identifying high potential talent and skill gaps.
In addition to the 11 years as a learning consultant, Saher also spent many years in operational roles, which enabled him to empathise and draw from the experience whilst in the training room. His greatest strength is the facilitation of debate and discussion of challenging topics during training workshops, creating a highly interactive learning environment. He greatly excels at utilising a variety of aptitude, personality and other psychometric measures to assess individuals.

With an overall professional industry expertise and knowledge of 21 years in training, customer service management, sales, HR and business development, Saher has participated in many different projects across the globe, including Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Brazil, Malaysia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Cyprus, Jordan and Lebanon.