Redefining People

The Talent Enterprise provides exceptional insights into understanding and analysing the behaviour of individuals, teams and organisations, helping you make critical talent decisions on your most pivotal people priorities.

Our assessment solutions.

Combining artificial intelligence, machine learning and behavioural science, our assessment solutions include contemporary psychometrics, flexible 360 and multi-rater surveys, neuroscience based gamified cognitive assessments, immersive virtual centres and AI driven video interviewing technology. Together, these tools provide you with a unified assessment solution to support your career guidance, recruitment, talent management, leadership development and succession planning requirements.

Behaviour and Personality

Assess signature strengths and potential blindspots which impact behaviour through our leading-edge psychometric assessment, The Thriving Index®.

Motives and

Understand the underlying motivators, aspirations and other key drivers of individuals through a series of specialised assessment tools. 


Assess numerical fluency, reasoning, error detection and much more with our wide range of gamified, neuroscience-based AGILE series.

360 and Multi-Rater Surveys

Explore our 360 Perspective Index®, a comprehensive, engaging, video-enabled multi-rater survey that can be customised to your business needs and strategy. 

Career Guidance

Discover the future of work through our Career Thriving Index® which assesses suitability across 24 occupations, 95 sub occupations and 1000’s of potential jobs.

Innovation &

Gain valuable insight on the innovation potential and mindset of your employees and teams in order to accelerate your innovation and digitisation priorities.

High Potential Identification

Conduct a comprehensive, objective mapping of your future leaders and high potentials based on our proprietary talent framework.

Virtual Centres

Facilitate immersive virtual and in person assessments using a variety of tools such as business simulations, inbox, case study presentations and video interviews.

Benefits for the business.

  • 3x increase in the candidate selection ratio for talent acquisition
  • 98% positive feedback on overall employee experience
  • Our tools predict over 36% variance in employee engagement and 44% in happiness and well-being
  • Proven prediction with high potential talent explaining over 1/3rd of the variance

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Lighthouse provides a seamless and integrated user experience with all the assessment tools as well as reports available through a single user dashboard. Hosted on the cloud, Lighthouse provides secure user access through all devices, including laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

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