Gender Inclusion Efforts on the Rise: The Talent Enterprise and DHL launch flagship Women in Leadership Programme

  • 47employees were nominated to take part in DHL’s Women in Leadership Programme for 2022, in line with its global target of 30% female participation in senior management
  • The program is based on The Talent Enterprise’s research on gender inclusion and strengths based leadership development

Dubai United Arab Emirates, May 2022: The Talent Enterprise, the award-winning global technology driven, human capital management company headquartered in the UAE, has partnered with global logistics provider, DHL to deliver the latest edition of its regional flagship ‘Women in Leadership Programme 2022’, supporting the next generation of female leaders at DHL.

The bespoke four-month programme is based on the diversity & inclusion research highlighted in the award-winning book ‘Game-Changers’ written by The Talent Enterprise’s founders, David Jones and Radhika Punshi, as well as Sophie Le Ray, while simultaneously drawing on emerging data insights within this dynamic field. “We are so proud of our partnership with DHL over the years, and thrilled be hosting the programme in the UAE this year. The programme considers leadership from a gender inclusion lens and focuses on key areas that have emerged from years of research specifically on the challenges, barriers and enablers to help women realise their potential,” says Radhika Punshi, Founder and Managing Director at The Talent Enterprise. “Our research shows that across most ‘emerging’ markets and many ‘developed’ countries, we are facing a unique paradox, losing 50% of the female workforce at every step of career transition. Working in partnership with DHL, we aim to ensure this trend is not replicated, while also preparing their female leaders with the right skills to lead and develop for the future.”

According to The Talent Enterprise research, while approximately 60% of graduates are female, and 30-40% join the workforce, gender representation drops to 15% at managerial levels, 7-8% at leadership levels and only 3-4% at Board levels. This is a massive cause for concern, and companies need to focus on not only attracting female talent, but developing and retaining them, especially at critical transition stages. In many ways, these challenges have been further exacerbated by the pandemic, with an increasing number of women opting out of the workforce due to family and personal commitments as well as a lack of flexibility at the workplace.

To pioneer the role of women as leaders in the workplace, the immersion week focussed on exploring the ongoing career development journey and growth in future leadership positions for all participants. A series of immersive sessions designed and delivered by The Talent Enterprise focused on authentic leadership, business impact, and leading for the future.

“One of the priorities that we hold closest to our hearts is DHL’s ongoing commitment to support gender diversity and inclusion,” says Eva Mattheeussen of DHL Global Forwarding. “We saw tremendous impact and success since our first iteration of the Women in Leadership programme in 2020 and are excited to launch it for our 2022 cohort. The team at The Talent Enterprise, our programme delivery partner, has worked diligently to create a learning journey that is purpose-built and reflective of our culture and values. This is a strategic and exciting initiative for us and a reflection of our commitment towards developing our talent. The Talent Enterprise team is as passionate and committed to gender development as we are at DHL, which makes this a true partnership in all respects. DHL aims to target a minimum of 30% women in positions of management and to provide a healthy pipeline of women on all levels of the organisation. The program has shown tremendous impact over previous years, demonstrating clear ROI for the organisation. Past participants have reported a 23% increase in confidence when asked if they have the information, knowledge and skills needed to progress in their career, and a 20% jump when asked if they have the required guidance and support to develop their career.”

Strategies for gender inclusion are a core pillar of the many human capital services offered by The Talent Enterprise, which has also supported a number of the regional and global organisations with their gender inclusion strategies, including Chalhoub Group, Dubai Airports, CBI, DXC Technology. The Talent Enterprise offers a broad range of psychometric-based human-resource solutions to enable people and communities to better understand and nurture their existing human capital, create a thriving organisational culture and attract new talent.

Commenting on the overall design and leadership journey, Jola Vorfi, Programme Director and Organisational Psychologist at The Talent Enterprise commented “over the course of the week, the programme will cover four core themes: The Women in Me on Day One will use a combination of immersive assessment, reflection techniques, and the ‘strengths discovery’ process facilitated by The Talent Enterprise to help participants identify their own authentic leadership style. On Day Two, The Women in Business module will require participants to focus on understanding DHL’s strategy as well as practical learning on financial skills followed by an impact session hosted by The Talent Enterprise team on the power of language. At Day Three’s The Women of the Future module, The Talent Enterprise will highlight the role of envisioning future goals for both personal and professional development, while on Day Four, The Women in Action module will conclude the training week with powerful narrative story-telling”.

To conclude the four-month programme, participants will demonstrate their learnings with unique and impactful TED-x style presentations in July 2022. Overall group results compiled by The Talent Enterprise will be shared with the DHL team to understand the collective strengths and blindspots of its future leaders.