The pandemic has truly accelerated the future of work, and the workplace, as we know it, has possibly changed forever. One of the most radical shifts we are witnessing is in the areas of employee wellbeing and mental health. Not only is wellbeing now considered the foremost human capital priority, but it has become a key strategic imperative for Boards, CXO’s and Government Leaders alike. According to the World Economic Forum (1), there is increased awareness of how wellbeing links to “business performance, operational resiliency and sustainability.” However, in our view, prioritising wellbeing goes well beyond popular HR jargon and business rhetoric. For most employers, organizational and HR leaders, the past few years have been a wakeup call. Fueled by global events ranging from the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, to steering difficult economic and business headwinds, to record breaking resignations in the face of the great reset, to the current labor market shortages, no organisation, big or small, has been left untouched over the last 2 years anywhere in the world.

Unlike other HR and organizational trends that come and go, a focus on wellbeing must lie at the heart of the employee experience.

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