Our collaboratory model is a critical part of our business strategy and company expansion, with a rapidly expanding global network of offices and partners. Each of our partnerships deliver a win-win scenario for all parties, and provides our clients with the consistency and excellence they expect from The Talent Enterprise and our representative partners. Our partners get an opportunity to diversify and grow their businesses, providing leading-edge technology and research enabled solutions, unmatched by anyone else in their local markets.

Our partnerships consist of the following opportunities:

Become a Distributor

Our distributors are authorised re-sellers of our assessment products and our Lighthouse technology platform. No matter where our distributors are located in the world, they can access our full suite of products with competitive pricing, lead and deliver our accreditation programs and stay up-to-date with our on-going research.  Our distributors work closely with our team of psychologists and market team to represent our products in the best possible way to their clients and prospects. Our distributors are typically assessment, recruitment and training companies seeking to diversify and complement their service offerings.

Become a Strategic Partner

Our strategic partners are typically large global consultancies, business schools, not-for-profit institutions and governments seeking to co-develop and deliver our larger suite of solutions, including our face-to-face assessment methodologies, youth programs, leadership development journeys as well as our research frameworks. Each strategic partnership can vary based on an agreed roadmap for collaboration, based on a long-term timeframe spanning various geographies and markets, to deliver large-scale impact.

Become an Associate

We are constantly growing our associate network and you’re welcome onboard. If you’re an occupational psychologist, certified coach, experienced facilitator, career guidance professional or leadership expert, passionate about doing good work, willing to be flexible regarding work arrangements, and willing to travel,  find out more about how you can be part of our 250+ network of independent associates.