Redefining People Science

Predict optimal performance through powerful, cutting edge assessments

Our contemporary, culturally-fair, data-driven assessment tools are grounded based on the latest advances in psychological research and behavioral science.

Proven to be predictive of high performance, future potential and employee engagement at the workplace, our tools can be deployed across the career lifecycle. We work with clients across the world of their most pressing recruitment, talent management, leadership development and succession planning priorities.

Redefining People Science

Strengths, Blindspots, Personality and Work Motivators

Assessment Solutions

Learning Agility

Cognitive Abilities such as Numerical Fluency, Reasoning and Error Detection

Redefining People Science

Multi Rater

Bespoke 180 / 360 Degree Surveys with Customisable Questions and Reports

Assessment Solutions

Business Focus

Job Specific Tests for Sales, Customer, Operations and Technical Roles

Assessment Solutions

Organisational Surveys

Culture, Engagement, Well-Being & Happiness Surveys

Redefining People Science

Custom Assessments

Purpose-Built, Psychometric and Face-to-Face Assessments


Based on over a decade of research in positive psychology and the science of strengths, our flagship assessment, the Thriving Index® assesses individual strengths, potential blindspots and work motivators.

The Thriving Index® is uniquely positioned as one of the only workplace based strengths assessments in the world, available in multiple languages, with global norms and proven validation studies.

Assessing critical 21st century strengths, the Thriving Index® measures 10 factors and 27 sub-factors such as grit, resilience, growth mindset, self-efficacy, accountability and optimism.


Redefining People Science

Mercer Talent Enterprise Discovery Center For Recruitment & Selection

Our proprietary Discovery Centers use a variety of bias-free assessment techniques to help select the best candidates, while strengthening your employer brand and assessing organizational fit.

Assessment Solutions

Mercer Talent Enterprise Learning CenterFor Development & High Potential

Our Learning Centers provide an immersive assessment experience, along with real-time, on-going coaching and feedback for participants. Assessing ‘learning agility’ and identifying ‘talent risk’ are core to our approach.

Redefining People Science


Our top team assessment approach is designed to assess their senior-most executive leadership within an organisation, evaluating their leadership capability, effectiveness, strengths and blindspots.