Answering Tomorrow’s Questions Today

As an inter-disciplinary team with some of the best minds in behavioural science and technology, The Talent Enterprise is shaping the future of assessments.

The Talent Enterprise is the first and only company in the world to pioneer the science of behaviourmetrics™ through our leading-edge talent assessment and capability solutions.

Partnering with governments, employers and educators, we enable people and communities to thrive, advancing the application of positive behavioural science and neuroscience with the latest developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Headquartered in Dubai, with a fast-expanding global network of offices and partners, we work with over 250 clients across Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, UK and Europe as well the Americas.

Through our ‘collaboratory’ model, we have one of the largest teams of organisational psychologists, human capital and technology experts with a network of over 500+ global talent associates, providing rapid scale and global deployment.

Reimagining Together


To have a relentless focus on our clients, always

To shift the possibility curve, and advance people science

To cut through jargon, clutter and conventional practice

To challenge ourselves, everyday, to be the best versions of ourselves

To do the right thing, no matter what the consequences

To be proud of what we do, and leave a positive legacy

To work on projects that make a difference, and have fun, lots of fun

Integrity. Courage. Passion. Possibility. Prospection. Together.

We are proud to be The Talent Enterprise

Meet Our Team

We are an inter-disciplinary team with diverse backgrounds in human resources, psychology, leadership, psychometrics, behavioural economics, education and technology.

David Jones

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Radhika Punshi

Founder and Managing Director

Gauri Gupta

Founder and Chief Data Scientist

Shuja Shabandri

Chief Technology Officer

Ariana Shahbazi

Director Brand and Marketing

Faisel Bashir

Associate Director Commercial

Ehsan Fahmi

Associate Director Client Success

Bushra Hussain

Associate Director Client Success

Prasanjit Sarkar

Associate Director Client Success

Jola Vorfi

Managing Consultant Client Success

Lena Glenholmes

Head of UK & Europe Operations

Deepika P Burman

Head of Asia Pacific Operations

Deborah van der Linden

PMO Lead Client Success

Mehvash Malik

Senior Consultant Client Success

Our Clients